How much public space we've surrendered to cars (Swedish artist Karl Jilg)

#OnThisDay, 28 Nov 1967, PhD student Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovers the existence of pulsars.

Not included in the 1974 Nobel prize for the discovery, Bell received a £3m prize for her work in 2018. She's using it to set up a foundation to improve diversity in STEM.

#WomenInSTEM #Histodons #ScienceHistory

@elias Monilla suomalaisilla tuntuu olevan Q-kirjaimen kanssa yleisesti ongelmia. Ääntävät guu, eikä kuu

Mitä pitäisi tapahtua, että ihmiset suhtautuisivat samalla vakavuudella #ympäristökriisi'in kuin oman lempisomealustansa romahdukseen?

"Kahdeksan viime vuotta ovat kaikki olleet maailman tilastoidun ilmastohistorian kuumimmat, kertoo YK:n alaisen Maailman ilmatieteen järjestön WMO:n julkaisema uusi raportti." - "Gross domestic product is a misleading measure of national success. Countries should act now to embrace new metrics"

We're officially proposing Matrix-over-MLS to the IETF for interoperable messaging transport & message formatting as part of the MIMI (More Instant Messaging Interoperability) working group. WIP drafts at (MSC3918) + (MSC3919)🦾🚀🎉

@yubikeybot you can get rid of yubisneeze by disabling the otp mode on you yubikey using ykman


Slack free should now be known as slack ransomware.
"Nice looking important message history there - shame if something was to happen to it."
Will be migrating to matrix.


Huge improvements on's federation performance since we switched over to pyston on May 20th :D

I would **REALLY** like to know how Keybase uploads 60 GB of data when I downloaded 2 GB.

Seriously. If you give speeches that you're proud of, that you want people to think about & pass along so they can keep influencing people, you should get transcripts up ASAP.

Re-publicizing this post because friends are giving talks soon that I want to read!

Or in general the mindset of almost all political and economical leaders, and most people seem to buy into this based on the lack of demand for action.

#climatechange #politics #economics

I like how every HN thread about a smart contract gone wrong includes the comment "you can write a smart contract that doesn't have this bug." I wonder why more people aren't writing the smart contracts without bugs.


Lately I found myself using and switching between 6+ chatting apps 🥴

This lead to quite a bit of mental context switching overhead and with no single place to manage every app's notifications.

I thought there has to be a better way...



Austrian DSB: Use of Google Analytics violates "Schrems II" decision by CJEU. - "This is a very detailed and sound decision. The bottom line is: Companies can't use US cloud services in Europe anymore." huge #gdpr


A new open #Matrix #server for all #Finnish users. Instant #messenger with global open #federation.


Ihan hyvä että tähänkin kiinnitetään huomiota. Asiakkaana tuollasta on vaikea paljstaa, oisko joku työntekijä paljastanut väärinkäytöksen. #whatsapp

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