Tonight, Unreal Tournament v469a patch testing. CTF server will light up around 8.30 Eastern. Will be live on the Twitch. #Linux #Face

@predator8bit people who start the week on Sunday are flatearthers.

There's 2 months until #Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is released. Let's take a relaxed look at the desktop right now, and see what's new. Join me on YouTube, and bring questions. ☕

Imagine having to pay to go to school, hahahaha 🤣

I personally like that people are open-sourcing messy code. that's what a lot of real, practical code looks like. "good code" is an American-dream-like illusion that is used to sell textbooks.

*thinks about the energy used to stream ads* humanity is competing on how to kill the planet in the stupidest way a Reddit style alternative with plans to federate...

Interestingly, signing up took a few seconds, and providing an email address is optional 👍

Follow @LemmyDev for updates via #mastodon

#reddit #opensource #fediverse

This morning, I ran out of my apartment with a piece of toast in my mouth. Am I considered a weeb from now on?

What do you do when you don't find anything inspiring anymore? How do you get your drive back?

People keep saying the "moon landing" is real.
To those people I say liar!
You can't just invent the "moon" and expect everyone to believe in it. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest this "moon" is real. We're not fools.

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