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Officially running out of room for stickers on my laptop. And no I don't use the touchpad ever.

My laptop telling me something earlier.. 😂 Open up Rofi the program launcher.... "GET HEAD" showed up in the middle... Seriously now my laptop all up in my business. 😭

So last night I go to try to watch AEW on my buddy's Roku since it had BRLive on there. I reset my password 10 times the damned app kept telling me it was incorrect. I was beyond annoyed... So went back to tweaking my laptop. But it worked just fine on my phone wtf.

I'm f'n crying this movie was so hilariously funny. I love it . lmao

Personally I prefer Guvcview for a webcam app for the little times I do use the cam on my laptop. I'll never understand why Cheese is linked to Gnome. Remove one there goes the other. :/

Photography and Linux
Hollywood has begun to embrace open source. #FOSS photography software, like Linux itself, is quietly making in-roads in the professional photo industry.

#photography #photographers

can't come quick enough. lol My V20 decided to shut off at 90% charge saying low battery... In cold weather I expect that. Not summer time. lol

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