"don't talk to the other side they're evil" is something that the nazis would say tbh.

every once in a while when I'm bored I open up journalctl -xe on my server and count how many foreign addresses failed to authenticate to login on my server.

Also hardware accelerated encoding is gonna be great in 2030

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well nobody has voted on my poll so I guess I'll just keep the minetest world as is.

Should I keep the server running this world or create a new one for the party?

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hey so the world on my minetest server is corrupted or something, so I'm going to create a new world for in time for everyone to get together.

instance block recommendation 

I'm gonna give up for now, sleep on it, go to work, and then come home and start looking at what's wrong with it. Sorry to the nobody who plays on it.

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so my minetest server broke earlier today and I have no idea why


Your comment makes me sad. Leftists and centrists should be louder in defending free speech. It's critical and I refuse to let white supremacists "own" it as an issue.

White supremacists and other fascists would not hesitate to take away free speech from the rest of us anywhere they gained enough power. They're total hypocrites about it. At the same time, most of what they whine about being violated is not even free speech, but their sense of entitlement to an audience.

I used The Most Dangerous Game as a test for my NES compression library.

If you feel like reading a story on your NES, the ROM is here:


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Can someone not on retro.social verify that they see this post?

I spent like 30 minutes in Best Buy with the employees and I using our phones to look up different numbers on the box to try to figure out which model it was until I eventually just bought it and opened it in store to check.

fuck Linksys and their opaque packaging on the AC1200+ EA6350. I had no idea which revision it was when I bought it and I specifically needed v3 for its Qualcomm chipset.

2 bricked routers later and I'm back from internet gay baby jail

Unfortunately the caller was not indian, but their sigh as they hung up was delicious.

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