@ozmik Well, that sounds and looks...ehm...weird 🙈 🙃 😅 👍

Clearly the "little guy" trying to show off to the "big guy". 😜

@ozmik this pic made me want a Linux phone more than anything

yes, those devices are able to have empathy

@ozmik Seeing the different UIs here (both in Phosh) is interesting. Are they different apps or just different versions? What software is running on each phone? Is the left one the Pinephone?


Pinephone with Mobian (left) runs app called "Power Supply"


which was specifically written for this phone. Librem 5 with PureOS (right) does not have such app and I decided to show "Power" on it, which is a part of "Settings".

@ozmik lol Librem5 not only take your money. It also takes power

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