works fine on both with original Pinephone USB-C Docking Bar.

(left) and (right) are usable as computers for light tasks.

is the desktop version with all you want.

Can your do this?

@ozmik The Librem 5 should be a littlebit more powerful. Is this somehow noticeable?

My Pixel 3XL with #GrapheneOS with a cheap USB C hub, an Asus Displaylink monitor, keyboard & mouse
Use it as my secure workstation.
No desktop Firefox, but the security of Firefox on Linux or Android lacks a number of significant security improvements added in recent years to Chromium based browsers. For most #Android users would likely be best choice for security & privacy.
Screen showing Acode, Bromite & 'running services'

My smartphone can make and receive calls, as well as send and receive SMSes.

@ozmik ok, but does it have a working alarm clock?

@ozmik well that's impressive. I've heard of pinephone having issues with alarm clock not working when the phone is in low-power mode (screen off), maybe librem has that figured out.

Anyway, what I'm saying is, convergence may be flashy but it's more important to get the basic features rock-solid first.


Librem 5 solved the problem with low-power mode in an elegant way: it does not have suspend enabled yet. It has ~12 hours battery life without suspend. But it will eventually be implemented.

@ozmik well... that's not really acceptable IMO...
if it was 24h I'd be fine with it, but it'd still be a regression compared to non-free phones...


You are right, this is currently a regression. But it will be solved with software updates, so I don't see it as a serious problem with the phone.

@ozmik but is this a problem with the drivers / with talking to the hardware, or is it higher up the stack?

oof, looks like it's all kinds of hwardware interfacing issues...

In my book, that's a problem with the platform - a hardware feature without driver support may as well not exist.


Yes, Librem 5 is a custom design and much more complicated than any typical phone. See list of its hardware components:

The reason for that is that Purism made 6 innovations in the phone, including kill switches and kernel free of blobs:

The camera has not been working for a very long time, so "a hardware feature did not exist". But very soon every phone will have it working with a software update:

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