If you don't currently #SelfHost, but are interested in the idea, I'm curious to hear what's kept you from doing it?

If you *are* currently #selfhosting, what would have made it easier for you to get started?

Personally, I do, however I was surprised at how many common technical problems weren't automatically taken care of automatically. Most took a lot of research, experimentation and community support, even for someone like me who is pretty tech savvy and enjoys tinkering with computers.


@Blort I self-hosted with Docker containers for a few years, but upgrading the containers was too hard. I switched to YunoHost and have been loving it. No port problems like you mentioned (maybe I should lock down my firewall, though)

Actually, it turns out my problem *wasn't* from port blocking. It was the first thing everyone on the Yunohost forums suggested though. There was no automated tool suggesting otherwise, so I still had to research which ports needed to be open and find a tool to test it to realize it was another problem.

I would have found the real issue sooner if it just tested and reported if necessary ports were open on install and on installing apps that needed new ports.

A system like that would also know which ports *should* be open and could then help you lock down your firewall by asking about ports that are open that it doesn't need.

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