Where are you most active?

I don't think the poll results look fair. Mastodon has unfair advantage here, but none of the people I know use Mastodon n/w

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I am going to follow everyone who interacts with this poll. I can't see the people who have voted.

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@mrinalsaurabh I voted parler, since you didn't feature pleroma. LUL

@fluffy Take Mastodon as the representative of GNU Social as well.

@mrinalsaurabh eh, not really representative

most masto types are weird and creepy
@mrinalsaurabh i think it's mostly okay but most non-masto people are really creeped out by masto types

I said this many times and I will say it again:

Mastodon is not a social media platform. It is a server software for powering 1 corner of a large platform called "Fediverse".

Thank you coming to my TED Talk.

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