Richard Feldman investigates why functional programming isn't the norm. [1]
No killer apps, no exclusivity, transition difficulty, marketing, and time.

I actually learned quite a bit about the history of programming languages.


Veritasium provides an intuitive explanation of the Dzhanibekov effect. [1]
The Dzhanibekov effect is the phenomenon that causes rotating bodies to spontaneously flip in low gravity environments.
Yeah, I think I'm a little less confused about it now.. just a little.


Astronomers have verified that an earth-size exoplanet in a habitable zone contains water vapour. [1]
This makes the planet (K2-18b) a likely candidate for the discovery of extra terrestrial life.
Here's to a positive answer to the Drake equation.


Researchers have discovered an effective way to kill the malaria parasite. [1]
The parasite is currently becoming resistant to current medications.
Great news!


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