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🥳 Kitt on winning this inaugural award 🥇!!
RT @elben
So thrilled to be able to finally congratulate one of the best mentors and finest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Kitt Carpenter has won the inaugural @AEAjournals Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to the econ profession and work with @LGBTQ_Econ. 🎉🎊

Very sad to hear that Herb Gintis passed away. I only met Herb a few times in person, but he and Sam Bowles played a key role in building the UMass economics program, and contributed to a wide range of inquiry. His work inspired me as an undergrad to go into economics.

Welcoming another CNNer to Mastodon (to the Irish server too) -- @adamlevinecnn

Are you a civic technologist and open source enthusiast, who wants to shake up the system by helping governments break down silos and actually collaborate on shared software/services for better outcomes and reduced costs -- all while working with an amazing, highly experienced set of folks at a supportive org?

Then come work at the Beeck Center for Social Impact as a Fellow on the Intergovernmental Software Collaborative!

#opensource #civictech #govtech #job

Wonderful piece in Ars Technica by @b which (despite the title) talks very broadly about the fediverse, including but also far beyond just Mastodon, and has quite a few quotes from me in it:

Tired: “DIE HARD is a Christmas movie”
Wired: “THE THIN MAN is a Christmas movie”

Many famous works entered the Copyright Public Domain today.

Scroll down a ways to see the intriguing story of the Sherlock Holmes copyright litigation.

#Copyright #PublicDomain #SherlockHolmes

Originally shot in Black and White, here is the colorized version of The Nicholas Brothers in one of the GREATEST dance sequences ever performed!

From the 1943 film, “Stormy Weather,” the clip also features Cab Calloway and Orchestra playing “Jumpin’ Jive.”

Childhood prodigies, The Nicholas Brothers don’t get nearly the recognition they deserve. They were truly astonishing to behold!

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #BlackFedi #BlackJoy #BlackExcellence #BlackFriday

@dangillmor The op-ed's complaint seems to be that Signal doesn't gratuitously log everyone's communications content in case law enforcement wants it in the future. But neither does virtually any other real-time communications system - voice telephony, SMS, tin-can-and-string, or conversations in parks. Real-time communication is, by definition, ephemeral, whether encrypted or not.

$TSLA crashing because the company is on autopilot is the most fitting end to 2022 possible

What news publications have you seen set up shop on Mastodon?

I've come across the following that are active & appear to be legit:

- LA Times @losangelestimes
- NBC News @nbcnews
- ProPublica @ProPublica
- VOA @VOANews
- The Intercept @theintercept
- The Conversation @TheConversationUS
- Meduza @meduza_en
- Global Voices @globalvoices
- Grist @grist
- Arctic Today @ArcticToday
- Die Tageszeitung (in German) @tazgetroete
- Le Monde diplomatique (in French)

#media #news #journalism

Hello Mastodon. I'm a journalist over at @ProPublica where I focus on reporting stories involving data and code. You can check out my recent work at the link below. Drop me a line to discuss investigative reporting, messy datasets, or west coast bike routes.

A front page article on the Washington Post telling people how to get started with Mastodon?

That’s a big deal.

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