@hankgreen Its like they knew one day the internet would be invented and we would wind up here.

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"You can't justify a bridge by the number of people swimming across a river."
~ @BrentToderian@twitter.com

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Cities: “We are not Amsterdam! We can’t just change, push back car dominance and create liveable cities for people!"

Paris 🇫🇷: "Wait. Hold my wine 🍷🥖 !"

Video by @EmmanuelSPV@twitter.com

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One of the other things we've been doing this year is trying to spot when something lands in all engines, and someone on the DevRel team will then write about it. We're collecting those posts here web.dev/tags/newly-interoperab

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I really wish that people on Mastodon would stop responding to people who have critiques of fediverse features by telling them why the thing they don't want is GOOD and the thing they want is BAD

Y'all sound like Slashdot users defending emacs in 2001. Settle down, son

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Y'all are chasing working artists away from this place by harping on how "sad" and "pathetic" it is for them to hope for a large follower count here.

It's not about attention. It's about their bottom line. More followers means more commissions, more customers in their online shops, more direct exposure to people with hiring power. It's honestly really cruel to keep acting like they want adulation when really they just want to pay rent.

They have ample reason to mourn what they built.

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Every lawyer, judge & justice should READ this piece by @dahlialithwick sharing the searing words of Judge Robert Wilkins (D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals) at his portrait unveiling. The truths he reveals about his family’s history are the ultimate answer to a SCOTUS jurisprudence that attempts to fix our rights within the confines of the “founders’” vision or 19th century “custom & traditions.”


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We want more folks to join us here at historians.social. We ask for a real name on the account (doesn't have to be in the handle) and a reason for joining this server rather than others. Without both, we reject. Revise and resubmit if you think we're in error!

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twitter users stone age
in 2022 hunter-gatherers
should we follow
that mastodon??

@molly0xfff this is definitely just good advice for learning about how things work. It doesn't have to be a lot or fancy in any way, but going through the process will give you a better understanding of the Internet.

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if you are at all able (or able to learn), i highly recommend:
• creating your own website
• on your own domain
• acquiring copies of your data that you care about that's on third party sites (particularly this one)

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It's fascinating how completely Elon Musk has stepped into Trump's old role on Twitter. It's not just that he's the most referenced and discussed character, but that he is held up as the paragon of power, cleverness, and manhood by his rather dim fans, while being university made fun of as thin-skinned, impulsive, and rather dim himself by everyone else, all while he seems entirely lacking in self-awareness or, really, dignity. He's basically Trump's social media twin.

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Hello friends, a reminder that historians dot social is for folks working all over in all kinds of positions who think about historical contexts! We're aiming for a robustly inclusive community here. Pls read and share the terms of service which is a core feature of any 🐘 server/ instance! And look for the weekly transparency post fr @jmadelman @lizcovart and me about how things are going!

@evan what does SMTP have to do with centralization? Or do you mean it was just the standard that became dominant.

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I keep seeing that “first they came for the journalists” sign, and it pisses me off so much, because when they came for muslims, immigrants, and trans people, mainstream journalists normalized it and reported it as “both sides”. Somehow it didn’t count for them until it was happening to them personally, which is *exactly* what the fucking poem was warning against in the first place.

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John Mastodon is just a figurehead; the real work was done by Ernestine Toot. he’s recently been trying but failing to erase her legacy.

@mhall119 @fuzzychef I mean why join the board if you don't intend to mad with power?

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What kind of Mastodon discovery tools are available? Off the top of my head, things that would be nice:

"Who are these people?" - Show me a few posts (not boosts) from each of my most recent followers.

"Actual social network" - Show me posts from the people followed by people I follow, and who the link is. LJ called this "friendsfriends" and it was cool.

"Trending" - posts boosted by people 2 or 3 hops away from me, ordered by number of boosts, and omitting ones I've seen.

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