Are there any Linux laptop vendors that sell anything with a 4k screen???

@mcneely HiDPI, NOT simply 4K! 😜 Dell XPS with OLED is glorious and can be ordered with Ubuntu. Only thing that doesn't work ootb on other distros is the fingerprint reader as far as I know.

@mcneely always be sure to use Dippi to check the screen size and DPI to save yourself pain later. The advertised-as-4K screens are actually too high resolution for integer scaling at 13", so you end up wasting battery and don’t even get a crisp outcome.

@mcneely but what’s your timeline and ideal size? A little birdie tells me a nice 15" laptop is coming soonish with a HiDPI display—likely actually 4K at that size.

@mcneely but from my looking, I don’t see anything from System76, Star Labs, Laptop With Linux, or Entroware that would qualify. It’s possible the 14" Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro or the 14" Slimbook Executive could qualify, but it looks like they are in the “almost high enough to be ideal HiDPI” range.

@cassidyjames I really love the 14" form factor of my Lenovo Thinkpad but was looking to see if there's anything like it specifically built for Linux. I was looking at Slim, Star, and Laptops w/Linux since they all fund elementary but could find anything specific. I found a 3K one from Slim (I think it was them) but the DPI didn't seem quite right

@mcneely yeah they're a bit on the low side. Lenovo does officially support Linux on many, many models and the fact they support both Ubuntu and RHEL is a good sign for compatibility. Many have HiDPI displays.

@cassidyjames yeah I think if I'm going to end up purchasing something for a new personal device (the reason for the search) I might just go right back to another Thinkpad. Just torn if I want cheap or something developer grade

@mcneely I really really like my XPS 13 with its OLED display because of the proper resolution plus the inky blacks! And it looks and feels super nice. But if you like Thinkpads, you probably can't go wrong with a newer one that comes with Linux support.

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