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@christitus Ever consider doing a video about note taking apps on Linux? I've tried doing some research and am so's like the wild west of office applications.

Android users, if you use Assist, you can now set DuckDuckGo as your default app for most Assist options. #ComeToTheDuckSide

*Instructions for setup may vary by device.

In today's episode of , I successfully migrated my email from to . This is a test run -- not 100% ready to commit. However, the nice part about owning my own domain is that I can redirect my email address to any provider I want and not have to change addresses.

To celebrate the fact that #1989 remains one of my favorite years in music, I made this playlist (with a little help from the Billboard chart archives). Hard to believe that these gems are turning 30 this year!

Swiss cloud accounts are the new Swiss bank accounts. (Although their servers are in Texas...🤔 ). Anyway, another step complete. Adios, Google Drive!

Hello from central Pennsylvania! Don't know what I'm getting into, but excited to take another step on my breakup with Big Tech.

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