Nobody ever needs the bathroom in the #SuperMario universe, but there's still plumbing installed everywhere. :flan_think:

If you have _ever_ signed up for an email account, but are now complaining about choosing a mastodon instance… looks like you can figure this out, just pick one my dude. 😎

It’s rare that I get a lump in my throat and tear in my eye when writing a piece, but the letters from and about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by his spiritual brother and guide Thich Nhat Hanh were just that beautiful and poignant. More about the incredible friendship between these two great souls in my piece today.

Selfie with EC 

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Cowboy to horse: “Are you hungry?”

Horse: “I don’t think I am.”

*Poof!* Horse disappears.

I would have explained this joke before I told it, but that would be putting Descartes before the horse.

#philosophy @philosophy
#humour #humor #Descartes
Thanks @BridgeMuir on twitter

I'm beginning the creative year by kicking off a new #FanArt pursuit!

Lots of folks enjoy sharing their own artistic takes on the main heroes, epic villains, all those sorts of characters who get into the titles and onto the movie posters. #BitPartFanArt will showcase fan art dedicated to the lesser-known characters from the media environment. The bit parts, those minor characters who have just a small presence but manage to be memorable.

For example, every #BackToTheFuture fan knows about Marty, Doc, Lorraine, Biff, and the rest, but how many fully appreciate the contributions of the "Save the Clock Tower" lady as played by Elsa Raven? She's on screen for just a couple memorable minutes, but her contribution to the story enables the entire plot of the first film and resounds throughout the entire trilogy.

I encourage my fellow #FanArtists out there to join in on #BitPartFanArt. Show us your favorite minor characters and tell us why you love them!

Just a quick update: We're working on the Code of Conduct for the ACM #mastodon instance. We appreciate your patience and trust. More to come soon!

It’s Schadenfriday, so I pretty much had to write about Andrew Tate. But to many who didn’t know much about him until recently, there’s quite a lot to unpack. We can all breathe a little easier knowing he’s finally facing serious legal consequences. I explain in today’s piece.

"Leslie Lamport revolutionized how computers talk to each other. Now he’s working on how engineers talk to their machines."

Nice interview with #ACMTuringAward recipient Leslie Lamport:

#computing #computerscience #ACM #interview

As a human rights lawyer who has done extensive immigration work, let me make something absolutely clear.

Asylum is legal immigration.
There's no "port of entry" requirement.
There's no "visa" requirement.
There's no "first country" requirement.
You enter the United States, and you apply for asylum.

Because asylum is legal immigration. Period.


‘2023’s public domain is a banger’ says @pluralistic
Cory Doctorow on nee titles entering public domain, including ‘all of Sherlock Holmes, finally wrestling control back from the copyright trolls who control the Arthur Conan Doyle estate. This is a firm of rent-seeking bullies who have abused the court process to extract menaces money from living creators, including rent on works that were unambiguously in the public domain.’ /1

Stop Talking To Each Other.

Being an elderly #millennial myself, the #essay on the commodification of the social commons on the #web by Cat Valente resonates deeply, and sadly as it is a dead spiral.

The essay is further given context by a masterful description by @pluralistic on why #mastodon matters.

Take time to read through it. Also, be like Andrew of Dairyland: "just a guy making a thing that people liked and giving a shit about it."

"A type of simple DIY air filter can be an effective way to filter out indoor air pollutants"

“Without a driving mission, journalism is guided by profit and, often, power. Without a theory of change, journalism resists it. Without a framework for measuring real-world impact, journalism counts what people click with little concern for what they do.”

Entitled journalists threatening to “leave the app” unless they get “quote tweets” could do worse than to read and attempt to understand this piece.

#journalism #journalists #fediverse #mastodon #quoteToots

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