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audiophile, n:
Someone who listens to the equipment instead of the music.
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@sir It's a couple of craftsmanships (design, implementation, probably something else). So you can make science of it (e.g. what goes fast for what kind of problem etc.), you can use it to create art (just like painting a craft, but the way you do it makes it art) so it may be subject to both, one, or none. But I'd not say it *is* one or the other.

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Computers are more afraid of you than you are of them

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I keep having to re-learn this: queue your yaks, don't stack them.

If you find a new bug while debugging something, file an issue, and continue with your debugging, Don't complicate things by trying to do many things at a time.

@wizard @sir Artists will still be able to sell their work. Removing copyright will change which business models are sustainable, but I bet that independent artists (especially those already on platforms like Patreon) would see no difference to their business model.


@LogicalDash @ajroach42 I don't think this is necessary. Artists can still sell their time (i.e. commissions), and can still sell prints or access to the digital art. They can also use Patreon and the likes to get support. But nobody "deserves" money just because they happen to make art.

I'm not against a state sponsered art program, but it would still have to decide who it sponsors. It's usefulness is independent of copyright.

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Jitsi Meet: How many video participants in a single conference room can a self hosted server support? Didn't find a good answer so I tried it out myself:

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@musicmatze I've been thinking the same thing. I installed Manjaro on a second laptop, and things just work. I did install nix on it, but having a regular system structure is nice.

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M24, the Sagittarius Star Cloud, isn't a nebula or star cloud, but a hole in the dust of our Galaxy which allows us to see deep towards the core of our Galaxy and the countless stars therein. #astrophoto

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We're thrilled to welcome Mozilla to the Matrix federation! Moznet IRC was disabled yesterday, so come join Mozilla on Matrix!

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"I don't wanna kidnap princesses!" whined the little dragon.

"Then you needn't," replied the little dragon's father.

"But grampa said."

"Grampa is very old, and things were different in his time," the little dragon's father explained, "So if you'd rather kidnap princes, you have your mother's and my support."

"But I don't wanna kidnap ANYBODY."

The larger dragon paused, puzzling this fact.

"You... could develop Ransomware?"


#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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@fribbledom My experience with it is not great, but that's probably because I was using NixOS

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The young man was haggard, though his eyes were alert and darted to the corners of my shop whenever the shadows shifted. But I was used to shifty paranoid clients. I had a knack for procuring... unconventional goods.

"What do you seek?"

"Unholy water."

"Demon summoning?" I eyed him, "You don't look proficient."

"No, I need to exorcise a guardian angel."

"Ah, overzealous?"

The walls of my shop began to shake, and he nodded, whimpering.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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