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Just tested: The #SteamDeck actually serves as a pretty decent development system when I don't want to bring an additional notebook.

(Nothing here is particularly unexpected ofc. The deck is a powerful PC running linux. So its basically what I daily drive, with a smaller screen. Git came preinstalled, AS worked out of the box installed from the tarball from the android site.)

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#Nitter is an AGPLv3 licensed #Twitter frontend with all the features of the default site -- but more importantly -- it returns all of the freedom that Twitter's nonfree JavaScript takes away from you. Try it out!

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I doubt anyone from @PINE64 is listening but now that the iPod Touch is being discoed I would love a device to replace it-- small, wifi only/no cell, camera, etc. Listen to music, use as a mobile device, take pictures. That's kind of all I need. I can tether to a phone if I need to. There was talk about a similar device a while back but it sounds like it got ditched, maybe the demise of the Touch is enough to revisit it?

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First longer ride with #jazda. Impressions:
- I need to show battery level. I don't know if it was fully charged
- it survived the entire ride
- it shut off after I got back, after almost 5 hours with GPS on
- when the wind is blowing, I'm going way slower than I thought :S

#bike #cycling #floss #cyclocomputer

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Total lunar eclipse this Sunday! Here's some info and a map so you can see if it's visible in your area:

#eclipse #astronomy

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#2617 Maps 

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Still wondering what my secret project is?


An #opensource bike computer.

After weeks of working behind the scenes, today the first functional prototype was tested on the road. Hello world!

Check out if you want a prototype too.

#foss #floss #fahrrad #cycling #cyclocomputer

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Wondering how people in the fediverse do temperature monitoring? I'd like to have some relatively inexpensive, expandable system of temperature probes that I could put around the home and outside. Ideally FOSS (at least at centralization point) so I can manipulate some of the storage and charting.

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For many #OpenStreetMap users on mobile (#OsmAnd, #OrganicMaps, #MagicEarth, apps that supports geo links), the built-in search feature is less than desirable. It works, *kinda*, but many wish it could be better.

If you're one of them users, you might want to check out #Acastus Photon, an #Android app that uses a #Photon server, an alternative geocoder for #OSM data.

Think of it as a companion app for leveling up the UX of your favorite #OSM front-end.

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Did you see the news that all of the #JWST instruments are aligned now?

Check out this comparison of one of the newly released calibration images from the MIRI instrument compared to images taken of the same region of space by the WISE and Spitzer space telescopes! Look at that resolution! So many newly resolved stars and structures! 🤩

I can't wait for all the new discoveries we'll make with JWST! #Science data starts in only a couple months!

(Image from @/AndrasGasper on birdapp)

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Another tip: Every Mastodon account has RSS built in. Just add .rss to the end of the URL for your account, e.g.

That lets people follow your public posts from an RSS reader, but it's also useful if you wanted to use IFTTT to crosspost your public posts to another platform.

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:mastodon: Mastodon tip: you can customize a column to list multiple hashtags (and block-list some of them too). It's a good way to discover all the posts gravitating around the topics you like (eg. for art, #mastoart is a popular one). That's really a feature I love here and wanted to share it to newcomers.

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We updated this story on stalkerware with a new photo of physical trackers like AirTags and Tile devices, and new info from @evacide @adamrdodge on searching and scanning for them.

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Ursula K. Le Guin on "technology" 

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✨️ I made a thing! 🎉️

Check out my brandnew webcomic, "Contra Chrome":


Subtitle: How #Google‘s browser became a threat to #privacy and #democracy.

Featuring Shoshana Zuboff, vegan Piranhas, and everything you ever wanted to know about #Chrome but were afraid to ask!

Read and download for free – hope you like it! 😊

And if you do, please spread the word! :boost_ok:

#comic #comics

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