which one is better?

[repost for visibility]

@Gina I do and I'm going to do my playthrough of Pokemon Scarlet and plan stuff for my D&D campaign.

@protodrew Pro tip, stock up on soup beforehand. When I had all mine out I couldn't eat solid food for like 2-3 weeks. Lost some weight but it was not a fun time!

@jimmac Nice! Will it have a dark theme variant as well?

@jimmac The keyboard background is fantastic, do you have a link?

@protodrew Fellow GNOME fan here. Manjaro is my go to as it supports installations on BTRFS with support for Timeshift during installation, its saved my bacon more than once!

@protodrew I wonder is there is something wrong with the accounts service.

Check the service with:

> sudo systemctl status accounts-daemon.service

Users can also be hidden from by marking them as a system account, which is exampled here:

> wiki.archlinux.org/title/GDM#H

@protodrew Hmmmm, looks normal enough.

Are you able to become protodrew with su?

> su protodrew

@protodrew Sorry, didn't get a notification for this! You can check /etc/password for your username and it should have two numbers seperated by : which specify the UID and GID.

@protodrew Did your user have a special UID or GID? Anything below 1000 is hidden by default I believe.

@protodrew I had the same issue when I did a refresh, if you make a different user account during setup then you should be able to login as your old account after it has completed refreshing.

@tbernard Is there a build of this I could throw on my PP or PPP?

@avery They really do! I've been playing through Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls (because it's prettier than the S/NES versions) last week via RetroArch, what have you been playing?

@freezr If this is a support request, generally this issue is caused by a stuck process and you'll need to look into what is not stopping and figure out the issue with that service. 9/10 it's a service you don't want anyway!

@Whovian9369 If you want a dead simple launcher then KISS Launcher or Sentien Launcher are my go to

Pro tip, don't watch youtube via Freetube and charge your at the same time. It makes for a slightly toasty phone.

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