@cassidyjames If your okay with the camera not working and some other would be nice to haves, the OnePlus 6 running postmarketOS has been amazing. Daily driving it with an Android phone as a backup/camera/bank.

@thewk I was thinking about a method of selecting the radio channel that was less precise, like a radio dial that's notched with the different channel options. Maybe even with a static noise channel or two for the old school feels or sleep if you're into the white noise makers. I'm pretty sure I could make a physical one with an arduino and a potentiometer but that might be a little too far and I should just buy a damn radio at that point haha.

@thewk At the moment I just found some urls I like and made a list in HASS then put a bit of automation around it so when I select from that list it then groups the speakers together and plays the url.

@thewk How did you know what I was doing earlier today?! Seriously spooky dude, literally the same setup but I was using scripts to join them together and play internet radio through them.

@pi_crew Let us know how you get on with it please! I'm running the OP6 using pmOS Phosh and I run into quite a few issues still. Camera and gyro not working at all but that's fine. The earpiece is too quiet during calls and can't be changed. Rebooting can sometimes boot you into the wrong boot slot so your stuck with a broken system until you use ADB to fix it. Booting not working because of a Qualcomm crash. Booting and not having working 4G/bluetooth. Etc.

@notnomiSylimE forming new habits, even positive ones is hard. I've found that setting a reminder on my phone for a specific time each day helps, even if you only do 5 minutes of the routine your hoping to implement at that time. It's easy to push it to tomorrow or now maybe next year but you should sieze the day and do it now! =]

which one is better?

[repost for visibility]

@Gina I do and I'm going to do my playthrough of Pokemon Scarlet and plan stuff for my D&D campaign.

@protodrew@merveilles.town Pro tip, stock up on soup beforehand. When I had all mine out I couldn't eat solid food for like 2-3 weeks. Lost some weight but it was not a fun time!

@jimmac Nice! Will it have a dark theme variant as well?

@jimmac The keyboard background is fantastic, do you have a link?

@protodrew@merveilles.town Fellow GNOME fan here. Manjaro is my go to as it supports installations on BTRFS with support for Timeshift during installation, its saved my bacon more than once!

@protodrew@merveilles.town No problem at all! =]

@protodrew@merveilles.town I wonder is there is something wrong with the accounts service.

Check the service with:

> sudo systemctl status accounts-daemon.service

Users can also be hidden from by marking them as a system account, which is exampled here:

> wiki.archlinux.org/title/GDM#H

@protodrew@merveilles.town Hmmmm, looks normal enough.

Are you able to become protodrew with su?

> su protodrew

@protodrew@merveilles.town Sorry, didn't get a notification for this! You can check /etc/password for your username and it should have two numbers seperated by : which specify the UID and GID.

@protodrew@merveilles.town Did your user have a special UID or GID? Anything below 1000 is hidden by default I believe.

@protodrew@merveilles.town I had the same issue when I did a refresh, if you make a different user account during setup then you should be able to login as your old account after it has completed refreshing.

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