@dos Camera quality is looking really good nowadays, is the colour hue etc correct?

@imakefoss First distro: Kubuntu 12.04
My college mate got me to try it. So I installed it on my laptop and couldn't get WiFi drivers working but played about with it using ethernet.
Won me over: Win8 rejecting the license I just purchased and Untangle from Simon Tatham puzzle collection.

@JF Aha, there is indeed an update for it on F-Droid. I've noticed considerably less connection issues so far with 1.8.0 btw, really happy with the update. Thank you so much for your work!

@JF It took me about an hour to get the firmware uploaded. On android via gadgetbridge I kept getting errors early on when transferring and on linux via siglo it was very slow to transfer and failed on the last 100 bits twice before succeeding. Other than that the list of new features is great! Been waiting for shake to wake for ages!


Not sure how you make such long posts, mine is limited to 500 characters!

I agree that price point is out of the reach of some people but then you would have to weigh speed Vs space and maybe pick up a normal HDD (~$20 for 1TB). I'm from the UK so I'm roughly guessing exchange rate.

I just installed Lagrange on flatpak and it was 3.1MB because the runtime was already on my system. I'm guessing that AppImages use the local runtime to run properly?

@silmathoron Looks like both work but I was unaware of that option! I don't see much call for starting at a specific minute and then every X minutes after that, it's usually either or but I'm glad it's there for someones use case!

If you are running everything as a systemd service then you should be able to match up the erratic behaviour with what's causing it in journalctl, if you have set up logging for that bit anyhow. Good luck with the debugging! =]

@daniel01 I'm inclined to disagree on two fronts. First, storage is fairly cheap nowadays, everything I use as a personal computer has 1TB at least. Second, I have over 60 apps installed from 3 different remotes using multiple different runtimes and the total size of ~/.local/share/flatpak/ is 13GB and I use no system remotes so that's everything. Sure, some apps use a specific runtime for their application which adds GBs but it's a small price to pay for securing proprietary software etc.

@silmathoron It may take * or 0 to mean the same thing in this instance but as you probably know * is a wildcard for any string of characters with any length and /${period} is restricting this to only match if the wildcard number is divisible by the number given.

I use this webpage as a reference:

The OnUnitActiveSec takes a seconds value so $((${period} * 60)) should help there. And you can specify if the service uses the WakeSystem.


@silmathoron Think you just need to replace OnCalendar=*-*-* *:0/${period}:00
with OnCalendar=*-*-* *:*/${period}:00

The difference between a closed, algorithmically-curated silo like Twitter and the fediverse.

Same post.

Twitter: ~43K “followers”, 8 boosts, 58 likes
Fediverse: ~8.43K followers, 57 boosts, 106 likes

Your thousands of “followers” on Twitter mean nothing because the algorithm (i.e., Twitter, Inc.) decides who gets to hear you.


@Truck These options do not work for me. Touch typing was taught in my primary school but not my secondary school, I was born 1990 so pre 2000 yes and post 2000 no. Also my primary school was private and my secondary school was public. I never learnt to touch type properly, I just know the distances between all the keys. And I'm from the UK.

@jforseth210 Probably something more easily achieved with OpenWRT or PFsense?

Just flashed on my , wow has it improved since I tried it last year. So much smoother from the installation process to the actual interface itself, well done to everyone at the project!

@aito You can forward the X server over SSH with the -X flag and it will display locally. e.g. ssh -X user@ip_address firefox

@GreenLeaderFanClub For deploying public keys to servers at work I use Ansible? You could use it as the server you manage all your keys and config on then sync it to your devices?

@selea I think given the right setup for NGINX it's possible but I also think that there might be an easier solution to the issue your facing. Could you not just setup the SSH config so depending on where you want to SSH to it uses different keys? Why is there a requirement to use keys rather than hosts?

@polychrome That sucks, I'm guessing not many people are working on reverse engineering them because the Index has great support.

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