@freezr If this is a support request, generally this issue is caused by a stuck process and you'll need to look into what is not stopping and figure out the issue with that service. 9/10 it's a service you don't want anyway!

@Whovian9369 If you want a dead simple launcher then KISS Launcher or Sentien Launcher are my go to

Pro tip, don't watch youtube via Freetube and charge your at the same time. It makes for a slightly toasty phone.

whoa i.reddit.com not only still exists and works, despite the quirks it seems to be a way nicer browsing experience than the "new" mobile site, and it doesn't try and force you to download a damn app!

maybe a good option for #linuxmobile users?

@PINE64 Looking forward to those ! Share pics when you have the casts from the molds please!

@martijnbraam I wouldn't complain about having a functional open source Android ROM of my PinePhone while I wait for Linux to work fully on it.

@postmarketOS Sound not working at all on PinePhone Pro, is this a known issue? I couldn't see a list of working/not working features on the blog post.

Drink more water. The benefits are endless.

@moviemorgz While I agree with the fact that we should be helping people in lower economic situations, charging someone a different price for the same product based on the colour of their skin or the country they come from is racist. Racism should not be tolerated regardless of the races of the people involved.

I don't know the correct solution to this problem, other than asking for a tip and expecting/hoping for a bigger tip from a richer person.

@manjarolinux Does this fix the issue of audio failing after a while on the PinePhone Pro?

@protodrew I had the same issue, only solutions that seemed viable were to store the keyring as plaintext so you can automatically login or get rid of the disk encryption password by using a keyfile or TPM if this possible or your system.

I'm sorry for everyone this new horrendous decision in the US is going to affect. So fucking sorry that a country that used to be a model is now being dragged back into the middle ages, forced to follow cherry-picked Bible verses instead of science. Fuck that crap. I'm so sorry.

@FrankenGraphics Love the style! Anywhere I can follow the development and release of this game?

@thatonecalculator @thelinuxEXP I see! Yes, I was referring to the ActivityPub standard but couldn't remember the name. I took a look at Mastodon's github and the reactions feature request hasn't had activity since 2020 so not happening any time soon it looks like.

@thatonecalculator @thelinuxEXP Do you know if reactions are coming in any official capacity? They are something I initially hated but found it stopped reaction spamming so is an overall improvement to social media/communications.

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