I installed 4 new SSDs (6 in total) in my #NAS based on the @PINE64 #Quartz64 #ARM board as an experiment!

2 x 1TB in btrfs mirror mode for various services and docker. Currently running my @matrixdotorg #synapse home server.

4 x 1TB in RAID5 for data storage.

@JF Will you be putting up a guide and parts list for this? My current RPi 4 NAS with USB storage is good but the throughput is not great, I imagine moving to the x1 pci slot on this would be a huge improvement.

@JF Thanks! The performance seems to be only slightly better than my RPi4 using USB3 enclosures, I wonder if BTRFS on MDADM needs more attention for it to improve?

@joshfowler We talked about the performances in the chat rooms. In theory, we should expect better results, so there are probably some bottlenecks that need to be fixed.
I'll try to do more diagnostics and analysis to provide more info to the developers soon!

And yeah, using raid will probably decrease at least write performances, as they need more computation and the same data is written multiple times to the disks.

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