I think it's absolutely amazing that Adolf Frederick, king of Sweden, had no fewer than five "etc" in his full title, of which three shoved in there in direct sequence. If someone used this in a film adaptation, you'd think it was satire or sarcasm.

"Wi Adolph Friedrich med Guds Nåde, Sweriges, Göthes och Wändes utkorade Konung &c. &c. &c. Arfwinge til Norrige,
Hertig til Schlesswig-Hollstein, Stormaren och Dittmarschen, Grefwe til Oldenburg och Delmenhorst &c. &c."

That's "[We, Adolf Frederick by the grace of God, crowned king of Swedes, Goths and Wends etc. etc. etc. Heir to Norway, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein, Stormarn and Dithmarschen, Count of Oldenburg and Delmenhorst etc. etc.]".

/via sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Fr…

New Music.Discovery.
Over the New Year brake a friend of mine introduced me onto a band called King Buffalo (kingbuffalo.bandcamp.com/).

The instrumental sections of their songs remind me of the parts I really like about Tool's music.

#JoinFediverseWiki is now ready for its official launch.

🚀 joinfediverse.wiki/ 🚀

Please share this page far and wide.
It's mainly thought to be a first contact point for Fediverse newbies.

Since my last post 8 days ago this changed:
:fedi: mobile version now available
:fedi: some new editors joined and edits were made
:fedi: many spam editors joined and were banned
:fedi: lots of good feedback was given. Thanks!

What hasn't happened yet:
🔜 Support for pages in Languages other that English (technically difficult)
🔜 Many pages are still missing.

#JoinFediverse #Fediverse #wiki #FediverseWiki #JoinTheFediverse

Gonna be kicking off 2022 starting next Monday at 0800 UTC with a bunch of streaming before my job starts. usysconf & qol-assist wrap-ups and releases, as well as working on new @Solus site (powered by Gatsby). Will be over at twitch.tv/joshstrobl

Once I have a workable solution for the Solus site using Gatsby, I will apply the knowledge and lessons learned on the new Solus Help Center! Will be the next item on my agenda.

The word "calque", meaning a word or phrase that's been brought into another language by word-by-word or morpheme-by-morpheme translation, is a loanword (from French).

The word "loanword" is a calque (of the German word Lehnwort).

And here is an experimental test; posting the result video output of the new Krita Recorder feature of 5.0:

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> I told my family I'm getting my hearing tested because I can tell it's getting worse.

> My oldest said, "You might want to get tested for Alzheimer's too because that's like the 8th time you've told us."

> She waited a solid minute before telling me it was the 1st time I told them.

Parenting goals!


YES! Ever have anyone say, "Yeah, but what about help desk support?" when you recommend Blender to them? There's an answer now. :D



Pop!_OS Linux 21.04 is ready for testing! Slimbook releases a simplified GUI for controlling mobile Ryzen TDP values, Blender 2.93 LTS nodes all the things, and a Raspberry Pi powered guitar effect pedal.


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