Ehkä mielummin vaatisin, että ensimmäisenä hätätilatoimena aloitettaisiin polttonesteiden sääntely.

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Jos hallitus julistaa , niin tässä pari seuraavaa tavoitetta. Oikea ilmastohätätila
Tosissaan ilmastohätätila
Aikuisten oikeasti ilmastohätätila
Mä en todellakaan vitsaile ilmastohätätila
Kohta mä suutun ilmastohätätila
Mä olen ihan tosissani ilmastohätätila
Nyt on pakko ilmastohätätila
Nyt on aivan pakko ilmastohätätila
Nyt on siis todellakin pakko ilmastohätätila
Tuon pitäisi riittää vuoteen 2030.

This time Kira triggers a Cardassian booby trap that causes the station’s replicator’s to only produce Taco Bell food but is really in the dream of a sick child at a hospital.

I haven't heard logistic map mentioned when talking about R value and COVID-19.

I haven't heard logistic map mentioned when talking about R value and COVID-19.

I have MTV 80s and I feel uncomfortable every time I see "Ebony and Ivory".

"Ebony and Ivory lived in perfect harmony on my piano keyboard, why can't *checks notes* police stop indiscriminately killing black people."


it was somewhat surreal to see and hear a load of American lasses singing about being unemployed in the UK whilst being driven around by Captain Spock 😁

He has never been a quitter. To leave office before his term is completed is abhorrent to every instinct in his body. But as President, he must put the interest of America first.

Nancy Jo Sales's new book 'Nothing Personal' about dating apps has mostly been confessional gonzo journalism-lite coupled with standard Dem-fem outrage, but this bit about dating apps stemming from longstanding fantasies from Pygmalion up through late 70s/early 80s sci-fi with lady sexbots is pretty great.

Problem isn't Twitter or Facebook. It's the fire hose. FOMO makes you follow a stream of news bites that require snap judgements. Once you've done that, you're emotionally invested and feel the need to defend your opinion.

Exactly this. Everyone can contribute and everyone is an ambassador for their community.
RT @IanColdwater
Build things. Show your work. Give back to the community. Do this early.

"But I'm nobody yet!"

That's fine. That's how you become known as somebody

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
-- Voltaire

#anarchism #quote #bot

Movie idea: Adult Dick Grayson goes to therapy and realizes his guardian Bruce Wayne sexually abused him as a teenager.

This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

I have a theory. People call OS X "os x", but Saturn V "saturn five".

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