That Which is Unseen

Anybody who understands Bastiat's example of the broken window fallacy understands more about life than most academics.

The Road Back from Interstellar Serfdom

"the system offering more freedom is the side to be on. Because freedom always burns bright in the human heart, no matter what system of government it lives under at the moment."

Regulations Allow Government To Pick Winners and Losers

Much of the inequality we are seeing today is not of natural, but of political origins.

Keshav Bedi : A Rejoinder To Anuraag Saxena’s ‘Dharmicism’

People put forth ideas like Dharmicisim because they have a basic misunderstanding of what economics is.

Today’s Anticapitalists Are Closer to Fascism Than They Think

Just like fascism, every other anticapitalistic ideology promotes government interventions, contempt for individual freedom, and a mystical view of government’s role and nature.

Swarajya Magazine (Almost) Got Something Right ! Looking into “Dharmicism”

As much as there's lot wrong with Anuraag Saxena's article, it has at least divorced itself from the nonsense which passes for economics these days.

Keynes Was Wrong About Consumer Spending – And It Won’t Take Us Out of This Recession

An artificial boost indemand that is not supported by production leads to the dilution of savings, and ultimately in to impoverishment.

V’s Sermon in”V For Vendetta” Warned Us About This Tyranny

"I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease"

Why Collectivism Does Not Allow Us to Find Meaning and Happiness

Greed and nihilistic materialism are actually made worse by the lack of freedom.

How ‘The Economic Machine Works’ by Ray Dalio – Comment by a Student of the Mises Institute

What the legendary investor's video gets right, and what's wrong.

[Video] Documentary on Bill Gates Exposes His Connection to Nilekani, Aadhaar and Demonetisation

Bill Gates has used India as a laboratory for many of his human experiments.

How Free Trade and Capitalism Boosted Out Immunity

The virus could have been much worse had it occurred before liberalisation

I Was an Enviro-Pessimist in the 1980s. But Human Ingenuity Proved Me Wrong

Teaching young people to despair over the planet's impending doom is not only cruel. It's wildly inaccurate.

How Ideological Subversion Unravels Societies

KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov's predictions are playing out in the west. India is next.

How GDP Measurements Mask the Benefits of Free Trade

Exports and imports cannot be simply equated in terms of the money spent because the value introduced into the economy is greater than the money spent

The Only Long-Term To an Economic Downturn Is to Rebuild Savings

It is mistaken to think that "stimulating demand" can restart the economy

Take Care of Your Health : How Non Vegetarians Can Get Good Nutrition Very Cheaply

The grand Mufti of the young Austrians teaches more than just economics !

Lessons from the Chinese Hyperinflation of the 1930s

Government greed led to the hyperinflation, which then helped the Communists seize power.

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