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RT @eff: Copyright is a monopoly right, and monopolies have a tendency to accumulate in the vaults of big companies, who use them to domina…

After signing a deal with the NHS, Amazon now wants to become a pharmacy.

We would love to tell you more, but the Department of Health decided Amazon’s commercial interest matters more than the public interest.

What if you could buy a phone that will last five years, can be easily repaired and is made as ethically as possible?🤔

Check-out out guest feature from the Fairphone 3’s lead industrial designer James Barber:

#WeAreFairphone and we #DareToCare

👍 Un grand merci à l'association @42l qui nous a accueilli·e·s pour une conférence et un atelier samedi ! Nous vous informerons quand la vidéo de la conférence sera en ligne.
En attendant, retrouvez tous nos événements sur

As Fedilab is free for few days, the Google Play version has been analysed by @exodus

Yes, there is no trackers. But it's important to make some tests from time to time.

We've started work on new project to improve our app submission and review process, with a focus on making it easier for contributors to make ethical decisions

150+ US universities encourage incoming students to download mental-health apps, but @thedeannapaul points out the privacy risks:

• Insurers can use it to calculate premiums
• Employers can use it to assess risk
• Advertisers can use it to tailor ads

Original tweet :

In 2019, the first large-scale study of pre-installed software on Android devices found harmful behaviours and backdoored access to sensitive data and services without user consent or awareness.

Tell @google it's time to take action


Wir haben mit 41 anderen Grundrechtsorganisationen einen Brief an die EU-Kommission geschickt, um mehr Transparenz bei der Umsetzung der Urheberrechtsrichtlinie zu fordern: #Article17 #SaveTheInternet #UploadFilter

One phone we looked at endlessly tries to transmit the user's name, gender, data of birth and IMEI to a missing server. It does so insecurely, giving away the data to any eavesdropper on any network that the user connects to


Find out more

Here is a Delta Chat talk from end December at #36c3 -- it discusses Delta Chat's unique messenger-approach, its use of the e-mail server network, its resilience against internet shutdowns, the crypto engine rPGP, and then tons of Q&A from the audience

Tomorrow a German court will consider legality of mass surveillance, will it have implications on other counties that use similar programs?

Corporate third parties have built up a huge surveillance industry around us. A new report by the Norwegian Consumer Council shows how. #OutOfControl

when people know about and can easily do something about it, they do so by a large margin: "around 80% of [ 13 users] stopped all background tracking by apps."

from BBCNewsPR: "You can access BBC News on Tor here: bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion. You can also access BBC News' language services by adding a forward slash and writing the name of the language service you wish to access. For example, bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion/persian will take you to the BBC Persian site."

@cis_india wrote about how Reliance Jio, the most popular ISP in India, is employing a SNI inspection to block websites (and why it matters):

from @privacyint: "Six years after the @Snowden
revelations, two governments describe their mass surveillance programmes - but who even noticed?

We break down why it matters."

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