Last week, users asked us that hitting enter should accept an entered 2FA code. Shortly after, this improvement was done. We try to listen to you as much as possible, thanks for the constant stream of feedback! 😍

@rf Пришло время для социальной свободной медицине

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Show HN: RoboTrump – I made a Trump text generator that is fully convincing -

Is it true, users who signed up at can't delete their #account or user #data will be retained ?

Anyone read their usage #policy ?

#mastodon #freedom

Richard M. Stallman says:
GNU is stupid!

Time to update: Tor Browser 9.0, based on Firefox 68 ESR, is out now.

In addition to the needed patch rebasing and toolchain updates, we made big improvements to make Tor Browser work better for you.

Tor Browser is now available in 27 different languages -- including newly added Macedonian and Romanian.

HAUTABROOM AND CIP composition under the processor has been successful.

Kyle Rankin, 's Chief Security Officer, overviews - our cutting-edge secured boot process - and shares his PureBoot and best practice. Great advice for anyone who travels with their laptop.

@rf Какой проект лучше вам? @PINE64 vs @purism

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