Im curious, to anyone out there listening. What does what's currently happening with Parler mean for other social media platforms like Mastodon? I dont mean directly, i mean in the precedent it sets. Not looking for flame, just thoughts.

Spending my day today tearing the exhaust off of my Jeep. With any luck I'll also be putting a new one back on... Whether that also happens today or not is yet to be seen. :P

holy crap the Raspberry Pi 4 reboots fast!

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I've started up a new #podcast called EliteCast. It's aimed at business leaders and decision-makers who want to understand the importance of #cybersecurity without all the technical jargon. The first episode is a bit rough, IMO, but I'll get back into the groove soon.

Spotify link as I wait for Apple to approve my listing:

Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy it!

well, happily I see no political fueds going on over here... Sadly, thats likely because I follow almost nobody.

My 10 year old daughter wanted a 3d printer for Christmas. I've wanted a 3d printer forever. So instead of getting her a kid-ized printer I went with an ender 5 pro. It's been printing pretty much. Non-stop since I assembled it...

How's that move-in to going @jscar ?

my gosh! A google take-out of my photos library, has resulted in 140 2gb archives. And can I batch download them? No.. One at a dang time. /sigh

So.. Cleaning up an old laptop... and discovering a cache of pictures I thought I'd lost... has lead me down a rabbit hole of centralizing ALL of my photos on nextcloud... Does this happen to anyone else?

Learn to be intentional about planning out your daily tasks and remember to leave time for yourself, your family, and your friends via by @TylerACarrigan @damon_garn @JoergKastning @ricardogerardi @JoachimHaller

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