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@erikstl Even when the street numbers are there, OsmAnd can't find them. I use plus codes instead of street addresses to find things.

"but isn't it worth it if it saves one life?"

No. It fucking isn't! We have to face our mortality, and giving up liberty for pretend safety is no way to live.

Live free or die, because given a long enough timeline, the survival rate for each of us is 0 anyway.

@progo they tested it on 30 patients. We need larger studies with more patients before we can draw any conclusions.

Calling smartphone equipped teenagers 'digital natives' is a mistake because a smartphone makes you a consumer rather than a native of anything.

If you want a child to become a digital native give them an actual computer instead of a corporate controlled and curated consumer device.

"Ethical source" can be open source the same way that grain-fed pigs can be kosher.

In other words, you can't be both. "Ethical source" denies users liberty and expressly repudiates the open source principle of nondiscrimination (discriminating against those you consider discriminatory themselves is NOT non-discriminating). #opensource

Reminder that if you don't license your work it's automatically under an all rights reserved license.

If it doesn't have a license, it's not FOSS nor is it free culture. Please license your creations!

Does God love everyone, or just selected ones? – Forthright Magazine

> Most everyone is familiar with John 3.16. It has become a favorite verse of many. God loves the world! But this fine summary needs to be supplemented with the full gospel. A good place to start for this is another word from Jesus, also in the gospel of John.

#gospel #love #Bible

This is why I'm skeptical of claims like, "Someday in the future we'll have a device in our brains so we can Google using our thoughts." I don't *want* software in my brain. Software in my brain means:

- they ship a patch that breaks my brain
- somebody hacks my brain
- they change the UI for my brain unexpectedly
- the server goes down so my brain stops working

Software for anything mission-critical scares the bejeezus out of me. (And that includes software in planes etc.)

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Pre-installed apps can have privileged custom permissions that let them operate outside the Android security model

Find out more about why we're telling @google to take action


Looks like the known and loved video content creators are finally discovering LBRY!

@stefanmolyneux is now on LBRY too!

For those unfamiliar with LBRY, it's a 100% decentralized, censorship resistant, video sharing platform. You can't get censored, shadow-banned, deleted, or demonetized!

Here's more:

I know I push people towards this service, so I probably look like I'm associated with them somehow. I am NOT. I'm pushing for decentralization of everything and have been following LBRY's development for a couple of years, waiting for them to cross that line of capabilities where I consider them a viable platform. They've recently added the last piece and now they're the HOLY GRAIL of video sharing (technology wise). It's up to US to add the final piece... MORE CONTENT and MORE VIEWERS!

#freespeech #lbry #censorship #Decentralization #stefanmolyneux

Hey makers!

We know many people use the #inkscape #gcode extension (gcodetools), which we have improved and updated to python3.

We need testers to check everything is still right!

Please go to, so we can help you get started with testing.

Let's work together to make 1.0 a good release for makers ;)

(please boost to reach other makers, thanks!)

#Spanglish jokes
Que le dijo un globo a otro globo? I globe you
Que le dijo un jaguar a otro jaguar? Jaguar you?

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