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@erikstl Even when the street numbers are there, OsmAnd can't find them. I use plus codes instead of street addresses to find things.

Does anyone know the state of federation with gab? I'm trying to follow an account there, but I can't search for it.

> We Don't Really Own the Digital Possessions That We Buy Online

Thank you Captain Obvious.

When I'm talking to my wife it's "Do we have access to ___" not "Do we own ___". And "copyright violation" not "pirated".

Internet of shit: vendor goes out of business and you can STILL buy their cloud security camera in several stores as of right now, but you can't use it.

Mozilla is making lot of attempts to fix various things. Can anybody point me to something that shows any attempts to fix Mozilla itself?

Student drops out of school because he's not allowed to perform all coursework without proprietary software.

Imagine using race to determine whether or not someone's racist

If only those who want to tear down monuments to slavery had their eyes open to goonerment goonsquad tyranny...

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