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@erikstl Even when the street numbers are there, OsmAnd can't find them. I use plus codes instead of street addresses to find things.

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Angry Tech News #28: Prank Driving just sauntered into view!

Telegram in Brazil, Mercedes leapfrogs Tesla, Apple forever, and why we can’t have nice holidays anymore

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After he [Jesus] was arrested according to the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you crucified this very man and killed him using the hands of lawless men.

Acts 2.23 ISV

Peter and the other apostles preached the first gospel sermon and declared that all that had happened occurred exactly according to God’s eternal plan.

#Bible #Acts #PlanOfSalvation

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You know what would be really cool? Hugo weaving speaking James 3 in character as Elrond.

I don't know why but it just ... what do you think

I mean I'm pretty sure he'd never do it but it would sound awesome read with real gravitas.

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A western democracy is jailing its political opponents and stealing their money and none of the other leaders of western democracies care because they're hoping to do the same thing
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If a mask doesn’t bother you, neither should ear muffs to tune out the honks.

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Dave Rubin (Rumble) explains the genesis of the Joe Rogan buyout offer. Big company meeting with much food and drink, and talking non-stop about Rogan. Rubin stands up, stumbles, regains his balance, and declares "guys! we should BUY Joe Rogan!"

"Dude! Can we do that? … The lawyer and the accountant says we can try. Let's do it!"

4 minutes

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A lot of people getting excited about "free" home tests. ("free" in this case means you pay for it through taxes).

I don't even care if they leave a box of tests on my doorstep. They'd go right in the bin. I refuse to be a willing participant in their farce.

More testing => more false positives => more "cases" => more lockdowns and mandates. JUST SAY NO.

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Renaming “masters degrees” to “main degrees”

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Just frustrated. Came across two things today.
1) Fauci stating that Merck anti COVID pill study results were impressive because it showed 50% reduction in severe disease

2) NIH study on Ivermectin which concluded Moderate confidence of a 65% reduction in severe disease.

The government purchased 1.7 million doses of Merck for use before is was even evaluated by the FDA.

Ivermectin, which are pennies per pill gets banned.

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Tell what the #Fediverse is in 100 non-technical words.

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Addendum to my booster guide:

Midterm Variant - nothing is effective except mail in ballots

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I've invented a new holiday: National TODO Day

Go through all your source code and do everything you marked TODO.

It will be on September 4th.

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I rarely share this kind of stuff on social media.

But i thought i would tonight.

The secret to a long lasting marriage is this:

Stay married.

That is it.

There are many things that can be done to make the marriage more rewarding, peaceful, loving, and happy.

But in the end,

a long term relationship is a choice not an emotion.

Many people want their emotions to lead them. This is a foolish choice. It is akin to asking an unreliable person to lead you through an unfamiliar city. And periodically, the person goes blind.

You just wouldn't do that.

many people think romance is always feeling a certain way. Spoiler alert. You wont always feel that way.

You will probably have seasons where you don't like the person you married. In fact, it is rare not to. This is talked about so little, that many new couples become convinced that there is "something wrong with their marriage". There isn't. They are just experiencing what happens in long term intimacy as differences in mind rub against each other. the worst thing we have done to this generations relationships is not to tell them this always happens, and it is part of the process.

what many find as they stay married is that the love grows deeper. it becomes something that is hard to describe. it becomes more real. more honest. and more resilient.

marriage is a choice.

all emotions occur within that choice.
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This is a treasure trove of vaccine information, if you can read through this and still want vaccinated, then I guess more power to you!


What's worse:

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