Let's stop ! The showdown in the European Parliament is near! So, bombard your MEPs with phonecalls. You may phone them from Monday till Thursday. Together, we can stop this law.

If you don't know how to reach them, are afraid of high call fees or don't like to phone people, go to These guys made an app that makes callinh MEPs easy.

@elshid Given how many placeholders are broken and that just posted a request for developers ( ) specifically for this DearMEP tool yesterday, I don't think it's quite done yet.

Well, it does not *really* work, I use it to select MEPs to "annoy" and not to phone MEPs as this feature (which is the main one) does not work yet, at least not reliably. Still, I hope that they fix it soon, as the idea is great and the project is a great asset for our campaign to stop Chatcontrol.

Wording like “bombard” can and will be misrepresented.
Be polite, factual and calm. One thought-provoking argument in a one-minute call is more compelling that a half-hour call.

Thanks for the tips.

With "bombarding" I meant calls by many people, so we as community show that we really mean it.

Any more tips to share?

Someone told me the best advice I ever gave was:
As an activist, imagine yourself as a commando, not an army. Get in, use your best weapon, get out. Be memorable for a good argument, not for how long you talked.

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