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I put >:3 in a commit message at work. mastodon has changed me

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props to my man hentus for being the one pantsless sap in morrowind who didn't end up that way for witch-related reasons

She's mad I woke her up. When she glares at me like that I imagine her inner monologue is voiced by an extra-sassy Wanda Sykes.

In the olden days, people learned to read with the Bible. Meanwhile I'm over here brushing up on my Spanish with Pokémon: Edición Cristal.

Just stumbled on the "Humans Who Make Games" and Adam Conover did a fantastic interview with a couple of members. Well worth a listen!

The worst part of programming is when compiling takes around 10-15 minutes. Long enough to be annoying, but not long enough to pivot to something else.

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Been seeing a lot of mastocats, figured I should help build up !

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Why do people think that just because the software you make available is FOSS you have to be friendly to everyone who uses it?

Customer support and positive feelings from the maintainer are not part of the license deal

I'm a little sad that this instance doesn't show public or federated timelines. Makes it a little difficult to find new people or topics to follow.

So with Epic buying Psyonix and going to the Epic Store... What's going to happen to the version? Supposedly they want to put the Epic Store on Linux but I'm not holding my breath.

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