We’ve advised journalists to set up their own Mastodon accounts and servers. This kind of federated social media puts people and communities in control. It can guarantee journalistic freedoms, which #ElonMusk and #Twitter have demonstrated are precarious in their centralised, monopoly products. #fediverse theguardian.com/technology/202

@openrightsgroup The Grauniad, for example, keeps writing articles about Mastodon but do they have an instance?

@AlexVoss @openrightsgroup Admittedly it takes time for companies to make decisions like this, but it is time they started to do so. It's not hard or expensive, and sets up market pressure which can only benefit journalism


@jim @AlexVoss @openrightsgroup It wouldn't be so different from setting up a SecureDrop instance, which they and other newspapers already have.

@andrewthelott @jim @openrightsgroup At least the Guardian I knew (been collaborating with them at some point) easily had the technical wherewithal and would have wanted to be at the forefront of things. Their fortunes have taken a bit of a turn for the worse, though, so might have changed.

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