Can someone help me understand?

If #OpenSource is "free labor for corporations", how exactly is it not *also* "free labor for individuals" or small groups of citizens?

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS #t

@downey Throw in a GPL license and it's free labor for everyone. Everyone benefits by using the GPL.

@Lofenyy @downey #FOSS is free labor for everyone and everybody can use it. This includes companys. But #OpenSource Software is also for the people to set them free. Some tech companies are using the free labor for the people to get them into their proprietary services to restrict the freedom of the people and to profit from this restriction. These companies are using free labor for Open Source and for the people to achieve the opposite.

@datenteiler @downey This is where the GPL comes in. If you modify and redistribute the software, the license must remain, which means the source code must be released to. This is a huge deal when it comes to Android phones. It allows us to actually have a sliver of hope when trying to understand the devices because the drivers are part of the kernel source tree, which is GPL.


@Lofenyy @datenteiler @downey but that freedom doesn't transfer to end users, take android for example, parts of it are GPL but everyday users are trapped in Google's nonfree ecosystem.

@alexesc @Lofenyy @downey Exactly! That's the point. Google, Microsoft etc. are using #OpenSource to lock-in people into their properitary cloud services.

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