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"Free your energy"
Open Source Renewable Energy Hardware. For Everyone.

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Open Source Renewable Energy Hardware.

What’s next for podcasting? – TechCrunch

The podcast market will discover the answer to a foundational question about its future in the next few years. Will it continue along the path of music streaming, where all podcasts are available everywhere on free, ad-supported tiers? Or, will it follow the path of streaming TV into paid subscript…

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If people didn't buy secondhand smartphones many might end up in landfills sooner. It's a conundrum.

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"#PsychedelicTherapy, applied as #solutions to #individual psychological problems rather than broader #social conditions, risks simply feeding into the self-improvement logic that increasingly underscores #capitalist #subjectivity, and that has already shown a remarkable capacity to absorb, defang, and redirect potentially transformative practices like #yoga and #mindfulness #meditation."

Remembering Rik.
"Lord Flashheart's Grand Entrance" Comedy Greats

Lord Flashheart, Edmund's best man, turns up for the wedding. But can the bride resist running away with such a lively and adventurous man?

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Maybe the GNOME team is a Microsoft plant designed to disrupt the Linux desktop

Distributed: A New OS for the Digital Economy by (SXSW Interactive 2016)

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if anyone around you is pointing to waged work as a necessary indicator of emotional or mental health, get tf away from them however you can. it's an #ableist lie that serves #capitalism.

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La MYNE - Une Manufacture des Idees & Nouvelles Experimentations

@witchescauldron let us continue this conversation over ?

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