The Cooperative Platform Economy: A Conversation with Trebor Scholz & Yochai Benkler

Trebor Scholz in conversation with Yochai Benkler to celebrate the publication of Trebor’s new books, Uberworked and Underpaid: How Workers are Disrupting th...

WOW. <3

A Buildroot distribution small enough to run on a business card - thirtythreeforty/businesscard-linux

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"I can go to jail right away if I'd save a life. That of a refugee that is. Nothing would happen to me if I'd save a European passport holder."

"Those who have understood and do not act, have not understood after all."

#PiaKlemp #Refugees

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@redoak I was recently hearing about a cooperatively-owned #coworking space in #Colorado, which does sound lovely...

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got a new idea that will make me rich. a weed delivery service called instagram. gonna go register the domain name now

GitHub - CIRCL/lookyloo: Lookyloo is a web interface allowing to scrape a website and then displays a tree of domains calling each other.

University of Cumbria - Inaugural lecture by Professor Jem Bendell

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