Interesting 🤔 make a privacy focused, ungoogled, Android OS called /e/ It's available to download and try on a range of existing phones and they also sell pre-installed Galaxy devices. Founded by so legit. Tagging

@Wimpy I hate it that I need to have old devices to run better software. /e/ would run on a Moto X but not on an X4.

@zaivala @Wimpy they do shady stuff with respect to redistributing proprietary apps. When @trashHeap asked about it, they didn't give an answer for a long time.

@artfulsodger @zaivala @Wimpy I will add, that the answer they did finally cough up is very much in the vein of "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!".

They have no license to redistribute most of the apps in their store; and it's now an undifferentiated messy mix of FDroid's hard work and illegally licensed APKs.

I highly recommend LineageOS+microG or straight LineageOS instead.


@trashHeap @artfulsodger @Wimpy

There are not many images, if any, I can put on my Moto X4.

@zaivala @artfulsodger @Wimpy phone OSes are a bit like where GNU/Linux and other alternate OSes were in the 90s in terms of hardware support.

Meaning youve got to choose your hardware carefully if you want OS alternatives.

There isn't going to be a quick or easy solution to that from any quarter I fear.

Long term weve got to tame mobile phone SoC vendors like we did PC manufacturers.

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