@kyle interesting design choice to fix the extruder on the up/down axis and lower the build plate instead, seems more resilient; may have to upgrade from my Ender 3!

@kyle I'm guessing the companies prefer these other two factor approaches over an OpenPGP smart card precisely because the latter allows user-controlled keys?

@dcz Looks super cool! I was hoping my (incoming) Librem 5 would double as a bike computer, though I'd currently be terrified to risk it on a bike...

@kop316 enjoy! Did mine over Zoom because COVID had started that year... post-qual/candidacy life has been much less stressful, so something to look forward to 😬

@koherecoWatchdog @kyle @LibreSolutionsNetwork @purism @aral Did you or the creator consider hosting it somewhere else and approaching Purism again? That seems more productive than whatever is trying to be accomplished in this thread?

@kop316 congrats! Must feel great to finally have that out

@kyle That makes a suspicious amount of sense, thanks! I'll take a look around

@kyle Is there a specific place you would recommend purchasing your Linux Hardening book from in a DRM-free format?

@kop316 @craftyguy I imagine you're probably now flagged in their system as "troublemaker" 😉

@craftyguy @anjan Thanks for the insight! I will take a look at the Alpine packaging process. Literally anything has to be better/clearer than the Debian one 🙂

@craftyguy I've never tried Alpine before, mostly stuck to just Debian. What is it about Alpine that you particularly like over other distros?

@kop316 How is the GPS reception? I tried PureMaps on the PinePhone a few months ago but GPS was spotty, heard it was worse on the L5. At least it has offline maps, if not functional real-time navigation

Chatty 5.0~beta is out!


This is the first Chatty released with integrated MMS support!

If your application works on GNOME phones like the Librem 5, please add the relevant metadata to your appdata file and to your desktop entry.

It will let Phosh, GNOME Software 41 and PureOS Store 41 know your application works on phones.

Use the new standardized AppStream hardware support information to your appdata: freedesktop.org/software/appst

GNOME Software and PureOS Store will use this to let users of your application know if it works on their hardware.


@joao @eliasr really no rush! Just curious, my L5 still likely a ways out

@eliasr @joao
I would be curious to see how Pure Maps works on the Librem 5, since it was in the top 5 apps from the Fund Your App campaign. Pure Maps offline works mostly on the Pinephone, GPS is still spotty but it's found my location before. Offline routing worked when I tested it, but not public transport yet.

@thesydtuation Hey stranger! It has been a while. If you're in this part of town then you must have a Matrix account?

@ajmartinez @kyle Does your L14 also forcibly shutoff when a USB-C hub is plugged in? Also, I was pleased to discover I could still use my headphones by manually switching outputs in pavucontrol, just auto-detect doesn't work yet.

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