If want to get rid of Google in your life, @kyle's post is what you need to read! Purism is a sound alternative to Big Tech!

@LibreSolutionsNetwork @purism @kyle #Purism folks have more perceived cred than they should, due to blind loyalties that facilitate the evils they think they're fighting. E.g. Kyle is loyal to #DuckDuckGo & Purism censored the project that gathered the research behind the article that exposes #DDG’s evils (techrights.org/2021/03/15/duck). Kyle’s blog doubles down on that screwup & pimps ddg.

@koherecoWatchdog @LibreSolutionsNetwork @purism You seem to be using some pretty strong language such as "loyalty" for some reason. I simply am unaware of a better alternative at this point but would be happy to consider one if it becomes available. If you know of better options please let me know.

This may sound pessimistic, but it’s starting to look like full-web search is an unsolvable problem. @aral Correctly points out that replacing big-tech tools makes falling into the same abuses inevitable. This is part of the reason https://codeberg.org/gabe/Interverse was made. It’s a start, not a complete solution, but it is vital we find ways to build truly decentralized and interoperable tools.

In terms of search engines #searx is notable but there are always trade-offs.

@LibreSolutionsNetwork @purism @kyle @aral I wonder what you mean by full-web search. If you mean you want to search without limit & yet avoid the tech giants, that would be a contradiction in requirements. I don't want to search the full web; I want to search a narrow portion of the web that excludes privacy abusers. We're far from having that but Sercxi has taken the lead by filtering out the worst sites: #Cloudflare sites

I don’t want to search the full web; I want to search a narrow portion of the web that excludes privacy abusers.

This is a fantastic goal, which should be encouraged and adopted as much as possible. Specifically when it comes to ‘full web search’ the challenge is that for many users there is information trapped on some of these privacy abusing sites that they may want to access. (Especially as previously-great sites adopt new awful methods) In many cases (ie journalists) the information may be worth more than the privacy costs. Hopefully there are enough tools to mitigate those problems (ie #nitter #teddit ect)

@LibreSolutionsNetwork @purism @kyle @aral Well that’s all true but it gets outside the scope of search engines. A search engine that excludes privacy abusing sites is delivering on the goal to avoid privacy abuse. Bringing privacy abusers back into the search defeats that objective. Other tools are needed to reach walled garden content (e.g. archive.org). Indeed there is a strong need for projects that unjail content.

@aral @kyle @purism @LibreSolutionsNetwork Sercxi addresses that need by offering an archive.org link for every search result. When you click on the favicon of the result, you're taking to the archive.org mirror of that site.

@koherecoWatchdog @LibreSolutionsNetwork @purism @aral Oh I think I remember this! From what I remember we were trying to protect ourselves from liability since the goal with source.puri.sm was to host our own development projects and help outside contributors contribute to them.

We didn't intend on it being a free public GH replacement, or a generic web host for arbitrary content, and didn't expect people would use it for things like that. That would take much more infrastructure.

@kyle @aral @purism @LibreSolutionsNetwork The 1st step you took was to block public visibility to the project & presumably configure the forge to disallow new non-Purism projects. From there, there was no good reason for blocking /internal/ access and then delete the content without warning or rationale.

@koherecoWatchdog @aral @purism @LibreSolutionsNetwork Again we didn't intend on this platform being used as a public repo for everyone. I understand you still are angry about this but I assure you it this was not out of "DDG loyalty" as you put it, or some conspiracy, but instead from discovering: "people are using us to host their own projects and as a platform to attack other companies? We aren't set up for that."

@kyle @LibreSolutionsNetwork @purism @aral Again, you have DDG as a default search engine for one of the Purism projects. The DDG fact sheet was there to facilitate better decisions by that Purism project. It was only after proposal to the Purism project that the DDG audit be used stop the use of DDG as a default search engine that the project was wholly deleted.


@koherecoWatchdog @kyle @LibreSolutionsNetwork @purism @aral Did you or the creator consider hosting it somewhere else and approaching Purism again? That seems more productive than whatever is trying to be accomplished in this thread?

@twrightsman @aral @purism @LibreSolutionsNetwork @kyle The toolauditor account was also deleted, effectively “stacking the room” to block the discussion in the proper place (the bug tracker of the repo where DDG is the default search engine). Since the #techrights publication, there have been no new developments significant enough to trigger a 3rd release of the Techrights article -- but when there are, it will happen.

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