Hello from my Librem 5!

I am setting this up and will probably try out my L5 as a daily driver. Right now the biggest show stopper is an issue that doesn't allow me to use the back camera

The L5 is a TON faster than the OG PP. I am pretty happy with that!

The L5 also has a bit of heft to it (obviously). I kind of like the heft to be honest.

I also really like the screen on the L5. I am curious if it is Gorilla Glass (the OG PP has a plastic screen and mine is very scracthed up)

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@kop316 How is the GPS reception? I tried PureMaps on the PinePhone a few months ago but GPS was spotty, heard it was worse on the L5. At least it has offline maps, if not functional real-time navigation


I have not had any luck with GPS on either device. But to be honest, I really haven't tried too hard either.

Right now Mozilla Location Services thinks I am 3 states away because of the wifi location services, which is really annoying.

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