I'm now running Qubes 4.0.4 on a shiny new Librem 14 laptop for work. Installation and backup/restore from my old Librem 13v4 worked smoothly. Now to put this 6-core/12-thread i7 through its paces!

@kyle nice! My backup imported smoothly as well. My insert key doesn’t seem to work, nor does my audio jack, but otherwise most everything is as expected save for the USB-C hub shenanigans. If I get any free time this week I plan on live booting PureOS to see if those things work there or not.


@ajmartinez @kyle Does your L14 also forcibly shutoff when a USB-C hub is plugged in? Also, I was pleased to discover I could still use my headphones by manually switching outputs in pavucontrol, just auto-detect doesn't work yet.

@twrightsman @ajmartinez I haven't tested with hubs yet, but I imagine if you are seeing that it could be a function of the extra power draw of that particular hub. We are tuning power thresholds in the firmware at the moment to account for some of the reports we've gotten in the field so stay tuned.

@twrightsman @kyle I’ve not seen an issue with it powering off with the hub plugged in so much as I’ve seen it run out of battery that way. The hub appears to drop off (dom0 and sys-usb both see it coming and going with an annoying frequency) and when that happens charging also stops. My shutdowns seem to be related to that happening while I was already low on juice and doing CPU intensive tasks that happily drained the battery dead. I’ve stopped using the hub for now.

@twrightsman @kyle in Qubes not even changing manually worked for me, but the USB dongle the headphones came with worked fine and I even did a Matrix call with a friend using it after I sorted my Synapse and COTURN issues.

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