I prefer being a community lurker generally but this is just so orwellion, sad and filled with emotionally misguided, poppycock, rhetorical thinking that I worry about the pillar I lurk on.

Debian GR `debian.org/vote/2021/vote_002# Is concerning because the dislike Stallman proposals have 4 resolutions in their favour even D) which is more watered down is disrespectful IMO and only 1 in favour of support which is E) which is a radical position in support. I hope a neutral and respectable one for support summarized like this F) We Like RMS, appreciate the FSF's autonomy and prefer to be respectful of their decisions.

If a DD is listening please consider a sane respectful in favour.

this guy explained it spot on back in 2019 when Stallman intially stepped down

the hate mail people will not debate facts.. I tried with many of them in a fair and respectful way and can never get anything of substance. Why do they continue to bring up the medium article that has been proven to be a fiction.

Eric S Raymond: Abolish β€œCodes of Conduct” and all the Orwellian doublespeak that goes with them. It's less bad that people sometimes got their feelings hurt than it is to institutionalize a means by which dissenting opinions are crushed under the rubric of β€œnot nice”.

not every leader can be everythign to everyone and that expectation would stop some very good leaders from being leaders.
being generally able to get along with all view points is a great quality for a leader I also agree but its not a requirement IMO.

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