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There’s only one acceptable response to “By using this site, you agree to our terms of use, privacy policy, and cookies policy”

Close the window. Ditch the site. Don’t ignore it. Don’t play along. Don’t propagate the abuse. Don’t normalize it. Don’t make jokes about it. Don’t be a pawn.

By the specs, the screen is a little higher res than the standard iPad. So, still quite nice.

I’ve had both 720p and 1080p phones. I won’t say I can’t tell the difference (with reading glasses on), but as @todd said, it’s definitely an area of diminishing returns beyond 720p.

Also, you can still watch 1080p videos on a 720p device, and the quality will be higher than a 720p video because of fewer compression losses. I do that kind of thing all the time, even 4K on a 1080 monitor.

@ChrisWere Thanks for the follow back. I enjoy your channel, and used your website’s css as a template for mine, since I never used css before.

I’m just getting back into Mastodon. ;)

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