We’ve brought elementary OS 6 pre-release builds to Pinebook Pro as an experiment, and it works pretty well. :) Read David’s write-up of the process and learn how to get it for yourself! blog.elementary.io/elementary-


@elementary Gotta respect Pantheon for being both one of the prettiest AND leanest DEs out there.

My only main criticism of Elementary as a distro is that the apps feel just way too pared down to me. I like having lots of options, even if I don't use 90% of them. This goes back to when I was using Word 4.0 in the late 80s, and if you actually enabled all the menu bar options, it took forever to scroll through them all. I don't know why, but I love that ^___^

@rlaska @elementary look at it this way: if 90% of what we ship isn’t useful to people, 90% of our efforts have been wasted—plus only 10% of the software is regularly tested and used, with that 90% still having to be developed and interoperate with the rest.

Of course not everything we do is useful to everyone, and there will always be things that we don’t implement that others might find useful. But we try to strike a balance.

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