There's a social reading platform called @bookwyrm which is an alternative to Amazon's Goodreads. BookWyrm is part of the Fediverse and BookWyrm accounts can be followed from Mastodon etc. You can find out more at:


They are currently trying to get BookWyrm translated into more languages, so that more readers can use it. If you speak a language other than English, you can help translate at:


#BookWyrm #Fediverse #GoodReads #Books

Cool and also these are exactly the sort of stories that lure lazy lefties into not showing up on the day. Polls are not votes, folks. Gotta show up. Each time, every time. #uspol

David Frum sums up the Elon Musk decision to disable Starlink so that Ukraine couldn’t attack Russian vessels with drones:

Jim Jordan thinks he can harass Fani Willis? That is not a contest of equals.

“Your notion that different standards of justice should apply to a select group of people is offensive. Here is another reality you must face: Those who wish to avoid felony charges in Fulton County, Georgia — including violations of Georgia RICO law — should not commit felonies in Fulton County, Georgia.”

I want an apology from all the mansplainers that told me my concerns about privatizing NASA and relying to heavily on SpaceX would undermine the national security policy of the United States.

Phyllis Webstad’s latest children’s book is titled Every Child Matters, a phrase tied inextricably with Orange Shirt Day, Sept. 30, and the movement Webstad founded to draw the country’s attention to the harms done to Indigenous children within the residential school system in Canada.

Every Child Matters is for readers six years of age and older and is illustrated by Karlene Harvey.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #children #residentialschools #books #EveryChildMatters

“That’s right. After months in which Musk has supported racist rants; encouraged hate speech; elevated literal Nazi propaganda; fired every Twitter employee in Brazil on suspicion of being too liberal; fired the entire company press office and the entire company communications department; decimated the team responsible for content moderation; terrified advertisers with chaos, irresponsibility, and perpetuating racism; and thrown away global brand recognition by renaming the whole platform to indulge a personal whim, Musk has put his finger on the real issue.

It’s the Jews”

The comments on my women in computing videos just keep on coming, and today it was someone who says he's been in IT for 30 years and has "never, ever" met a woman who has shown any interest in computers.

I seriously didn't know how to respond except to say that it's okay, not everyone meets women. Because what other explanation could there possibly be?!

I don't remember who introduced me to @murderbotbot but one of the faculty here on campus recently discovered the books and wrote a thing: (I hope @marthawells doesn't mind a tag also...)

Hey if you're in the SF Bay Area, Trans Voices is *tonight*. I cannot tell you how amazing this show consistently is. Please go and give your love and support trans writers and creators!

One of the nice things about hunting for cat photos is that there's seemingly no end to them. I just found this stunning shot last night - first time I've ever seen it! 1948. #CatsOfYore #Cat #Cats #History #catsodon #catsofmastodon #catcontent #ilovecats #vintage #Paris

Maker types: The reason u shouldn't hesitate to post about things u've made is there are a billion streams of information directed at us at all times & even your cat had no idea you did the thing despite living 100% free on your dime. Never assume everybody knows, has seen, or--hell--remembers. Life is a lot.

Laura Ann Carleton was a mother of nine. She was a beloved shopkeeper in Lake Arrowhead, CA. And she was shot and killed for standing up as an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.

Her crime in the eyes of the murderer? Officials say he "made several disparaging remarks about a rainbow flag” outside her store before shooting her. Her killer died later in an encounter with police.

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