Finally! Might be able to ride my bike without melting. Has been a worryingly late end to summer temps.

Joined @sir 's as a (low) paying customer while I try it out. Looks good so far. Hope it's a sustainable venture with a great future.

8 CDs ripped to ... only 440 to go.. this may take a few months 馃槅

3rd time ripping CD collection, this time to . Should have done that the last time... don't think the disk space was prohibitively expensive even 8 yrs ago. Doh!

i've defended rms' pedantry
i believe in free software
i believe copyleft is essential
i believe AGPL3 is the best license

i disagree with those who say "software freedom isn't important these days" or that ease of use is more important

but every time RMS makes the news he undermines the FSF and the free software movement 馃う鈥嶁檪锔

i just e-mailed them to discontinue my recurring donation and told them why

gonna increase my donation to software freedom conservancy instead

Switched over to from vscode, glad someone already did this

ACLU: "Should You Buy a Ring Doorbell Camera?"

This article presents a number of good, important issues with these devices. And to be clear on my position: no, you absolutely should not buy a Ring camera.

In my LibrePlanet 2017 talk, I asked surveillance camera owners to make sure that they are only recording their own property, not sidewalks or streets and such. Ring wasn't a thing back then, and it all but ensures that you capture passerbys (unless your doorbell isn't visible from the street). Now I consider it one of our greatest practical privacy threats.

Oof - never cease to be surprised by the sheer animosity toward @purism on the forums. Wish that we could all celebrate significant steps on the road to increased user freedoms and privacy

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