Mother releases chilling video of hacker talking to her daughter through the Ring security camera in the eight-year-old's bedroom

In the clip, she can be seen momentarily standing still in the middle of her room.

She shouts out 'who is that?' as someone can be heard breathing as if behind the camera.

Then a male voice replies and says: 'I'm your best friend, I'm Santa Claus.' 

@theprivacyfoundation or at least "free*" with a clear, direct statement of the data they collect and what they do with it.

Many smart home device makers still won’t say if they give your data to the government

"Based on the best available data, August, iRobot, Ring and the rest of the smart home device makers have hundreds of millions of users and customers around the world, with the potential to give governments vast troves of data — and users and customers are none the wiser."

@electronicoffee I need some ridiculous decks for . Want to hit gold tier and above in ranked. Any ideas?

Intel Chips Vulnerable to 'Plundervolt' Attack

"Intel issued a firmware update on Tuesday to mitigate an attack, dubbed Plundervolt, which uses voltage fluctuations to reveal secrets such as encryption keys."

Last night I finished reading "The Girl With Seven Names", the amazing, harrowing true story of a North Korean woman who was able to escape one of the most repressive totalitarian regimes in the world.

It reads like a dystopian fiction novel - except your astonishment and horror are amplified by your understanding that it's not fiction. It's real and it happened. It's happening.

Turn off Bluetooth when you're not using it. If you don't have a physical kill switch, you may have to turn the device completely off.

Smash-and-grab car thieves use Bluetooth to target cars containing tech gadgets:

Ad-blocking companies block ‘unblockable’ tracker

Ad-blocking companies have figured out a way to block the unblockable – a pernicious tracker technique that hides advertising networks from your browser in plain sight.

Researchers hack Siri, Alexa, and Google Home by shining lasers at them

"The attack exploits a vulnerability in microphones that use micro-electro-mechanical systems, or MEMS. The microscopic MEMS components of these microphones unintentionally respond to light as if it were sound. [T]he researchers believe all devices that use MEMS microphones are susceptible to Light Commands attacks."

@templebaptist I wouldn't venture to guess. I think what he wrote wasn't nearly as important as why. It had the effect of diffusing the situation and drawing the attention of all around him, preparing them to listen and be taught.

Forbes: Chinese Hackers Just Gave Us All A Reason To Stop Sending SMS Messages.

"SMS messaging is now an antiquated technology—it is akin to sending letters in unsealed envelopes and hoping no-one within the mail service will bother to look inside."

"Please remember that your home is the true center of gospel learning."
--David A. Bednar

"Spiritual thoughtlessness invites great danger into our lives."
--David A. Bednar

"There is so much we do not know that our only sure reliance is to trust in the Lord and His love for His children."
--Dallin H. Oaks

"The only way faith grows is for an individual to act in faith. We cannot grow someone else's faith or rely solely on others to bolster our own."
--Dale G. Renlund

Being converted to is more than an intellectual acceptance of gospel teachings. It shapes our identity and changes our understanding of life's meaning.

"You can pray and ask the Lord for an errand. As you do, you can use your ordinary skills to accomplish his extraordinary work."
--Michelle Craig

"Act without delay. When you receive promptings and then act with intention, the Lord can use you."
--Michelle Craig

"Be intentional about creating time and space to hear God's voice."
--Michelle Craig

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