sudo is pronounced:

The Wikipedia entry on “sudo” suggests either pronunciation is acceptable. But looking at the definition, the SOO-doo pronunciation actually seems to make more sense than SOO-doh.

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@dallin I've actually never heard anyone pronounce it the first way, is that a thing?

@WillJ I heard the SOO-doo pronunciation in this video and wondered if I’ve been saying it wrong all these years.

@dallin yep, caught it at about the 6 min mark. If I had seen this vid in the wild I would have thought he was mispronouncing it. Been hearing it has doh for ~20 or so years...

@dallin I hate that you're using logic here. Soodoo just sounds so weird.

@dallin sue-do

Lifetime Linux user here, and "Super User do" is alphabetically pronounced Sue do
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