GNU/Linux users, what is your go-to distro these days?

I'm going to give Solus Budgie another solid try. If I don't like it, I'll hop back over to Linux Mint Cinnamon. I have a feeling I've been spoiled by having access to the Debian/Ubuntu repos.

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I didn't like Solus Budgie. UI is not customizable enough for me and also seems buggy. For example, turning off dark theme does not actually turn off dark theme. Changing the number of clicks to open an item from 1 to 2 still keeps it at 1. I don't want to troubleshoot, it should just work.

I'm back on Mint Cinnamon again and loving it. Feels like I've come home.

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@dallin Usually Mint. I mostly use I3wm, but the wife is happy with Cinnamon.

@dallin Arch for desktop, Rocky for server.

Although I started using OpenSUSE Leap w/ KVM as my hypervisor after Red Hat murdered CentOS. Rocky and Alma hadn’t been released yet. Instead of reinstalling with a RHEL clone I might just keep OpenSUSE on that machine, it’s been pretty solid.

@dallin I am an Arch user on my desktop, and I have a bootable Arch desktop USB stick for every other PC I encounter. I really liked the Raven menu so I used the Budgie desktop, but the package was barely maintained on Arch and upstream refused to support it when it started eating all my ram.
Now I'm on Cinnamon and DWM.

#linux #archlinux #cinnamon #dwm

@dallin Basically Mint Cinnamon on my daily driver, but on the new laptop/workstation I'm trying Kubuntu (preinstalled) and on an oldish one Manjaro.

@dallin straight up Ubuntu with Dash to Panel and Arc Menu. I don't see any reason to not just use the one Distro (Ubuntu) that is just trying to work and not spoon feed an agenda down my throat.

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