Who has moved to Librem One?
What services did you ditch?
Did you bring friends or family? 😀


I'm enjoying Librem One! I am the only one in my family to do so, thus far. I still use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a limited fashion and I am working towards ditching them completely. In addition to using Librem Social and Librem Chat, I will eventually create my own website - hearkening back to the days of a freer, more decentralized World Wide Web. If Librem One ever offered a GeoCities-like service that allowed people to create and host basic websites, I'd be all over that!

@dallin @purism I like your thinking, but to do a give-away like GeoCities you'd need an excessive inflow of capital from something else to afford hosting all that content and bandwidth. Do you have a spare computer at your house? If so, you could safely host your own for nearly $0 out of your house. It's easier than you think do do it.

@wnymathguy @purism I was thinking they could offer a free basic tier and more tiers with more features for increasing monthly or annual fees. Hosting my own web server out of my residence is not something I am interested in doing for many reasons.

@dallin @wnymathguy not affiliated with us but somebody did setup a GeoCities clone called NeoCities neocities.org and it's github.com/neocities :)

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