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Dear IT-humans: Please do yourselves a favour and create security@ as an email address on all of your domains which is actually routed and read by someone with knowledge about your IT!
That way you make it easy for people who accidentally stumble upon security issues with your infrastructure to actually report them to you.

The sheer fact of having and reading security@ (as mandated by RFC 2142) will help improving your IT security.

Huzzah!!! I figured it out! I had to flash my from v6 back to stock v5 (which was quite a task in and of itself) *before* I could it. After several -filled hours, I am now running ! I intend for this phone to be as as possible, so I’m really looking forward to this experiment! Also, after this ordeal, I am that much more of a @purism fan. tech should be to all, not just like me.

#peertube is proof positive, you do not need the #dotcons in your life & particularly Your Data.
Time to reboot the #OMN me thinks!

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