@claudiom Does mastadon have a direct message feature? I've just realized that we've polluted people's timelines. Gulp.

@claudiom And then today lol. A little more spontaneous and ad-hoc than I used to be.

@claudiom My time to share!

A fun orchestral/film noire attempt: soundcloud.com/ariellauthentic (Korg X50+Ableton on white Macbook)

Nice collab with a singing friend: soundcloud.com/ariellauthentic (same gear)

One of my favourite piano improvisations: soundcloud.com/ariellauthentic (Yamaha P155 digital + Audacity I think.)

Then last month's crazy dub-step attempt with the Roland Juno DS + Garageband iOS soundcloud.com/ariellauthentic Several samples from GB, but I spent several days on edits/patterns/construction

@claudiom The little drum build up to the luscious synth lead in Geosynchronous Orbit is...gah. So satisfying.

@claudiom I like the gradual builds and deconstructs in To Boldly Go. Very nice. The catchy high melody easily makes this is an ear-worm hehe.

Yay voice assistants! So secure. So private. And the corporate owners don’t record and share what you say. Wait. Yes they do:


Well this isn’t creepy AF. (Yes it is.)

Google employees eavesdrop on your conversations with the Google Assistant

When your latest purchase exposes how variable vinyl quality can get. This is the worst I've seen.

I love , but not the lack of oversight or control happening in their physical products.

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Astronomers make the first observations of a 'moon-forming' disk around a distant planet. This image from ALMA shows dust within the PDS 70 system. The two dots inside the disk are planets.

Whisper of the Worm on = sorted! 😎 (I’m the green goblin on the right lol.)

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