Ohai. I thought I would lose Librem Social when I canceled my sub. I guess not. :)

WOOOHOOO! This was a grind for more weeks than I thought I would endure, but it's done. Full solstice gear acquired.

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Yeah, baby.

Matt Hartley is back.

Get your Linux-y questions and topics in now with the hashtag .

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NVIDIA Starts Publishing GPU Hardware Documentation To Help Open-Source Drivers


(Link from @bazurk )

Watched the Deep Space Nine retrospective. Love. 💓 is my favourite series. I was so sad when it ended. I cried. But now I'm giddy to have seen this retrospective and a creative session for a season 8 first episode if there could ever be one. Gah it would be amazing!

Thank God it's Friday!

(You heard Aykroyd in your head didn't you?)

Deeply, DEPPLY enjoyed the groove of this podcast episode by Alan Cross:

Ongoing History of New , episode 845: A deep, DEEP dive into (Feb 8 2019)


It's weak and full of tropes, but a handful of actors do an amazing job and I'm enjoying their performances. Katee like I said. Samuel Anderson is wonderful. A.J. Rivera is someone I want to see more work from. He's great.

I've been watching "Another Life" on Netflix (new sci-fi with Katee Sackhoff) and it's really bizarre. IT 's like sci-fi is new and we've learned nothing from past content.

Why are noob kids doing such an important mission? Why are there so few protocols and procedures? Why does a ship need to be in star-flare range to utilize its gravity? If you fail at quarantine, why make the mistake again? Everybody (except Katee's character) seems dumb, untrained, and incompetent.

Blank /#cassettes. They've always given me feelings of excitement and anticipation of , capturing moments (like garage/basement jam sessions with musician friends), collection, and history.

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